Finding images
  1. Compfight: Find images fast. Can sort for creative commons.
  2. FLICKR: the world's photo album-search creative commons (pictures you can use without copyright problems)
  3. MorgueFile-free pictures
  4. Tag Galaxy images
  5. Wylio: is an image search engine designed to quickly find, cite, and use Creative Commons licensed images. Wylio results only return images that are listed with a Creative Commons license.
  6. Google Art Project:virtual visit inside famous museums
  7. PECHA Flickr: Enter a tag, and see how well you can make sense of 20 random flickr photos, each one on screen for 20 seconds.
  8. Google Maps in different languages
  9. FotopediaCollaborative photo encyclopedia fotopedia.png

1. Tag Galaxy
Search for photos from Flickr
2. Fotopedia
Collaborative photo encyclopedia
3. Compfight
Sort images for creative commons
4. Goggle Art Project
3D art tours of many museums
5. Google maps in many languages
Google maps in a variety of languages
6. MorgueFile
Lots of free photos
World's photo album-search creative commons

1. Wordle
word clouds
2. Tagxedo
word clouds in shapes
3. Bubblr
Comic strips using Flickr photos
4. Piclits
Creative writing using images
5. Five Card Flickr Story
Lets you create a story from 5 random FLICKR pix
6. PECHA Flickr
Enter a tag, and see how well you can make sense of 20 random flickr photos, each one on screen for 20 seconds.
7. Issuu
Make a magazine or newsletter
8. Storybird
Collaborative Storytelling

Using pictures to create activities
  1. Make a Piclits
  2. Make a Blabberize
  3. Concrete poetry: Draw an image/choose an image. add words
  4. Fotobabble
  5. Make Five Card Flickr Story lets you pick five photos from a group of pre-selected images from Flickr and then write a story about them. It saves your selection and story, and provides you with a link to it. No registration is required.
  6. Buildyourselfwild
  7. Big Huge Labs
  8. Jigsaw Planet:
    a site that makes it simple to create custom jigsaw puzzles. Just upload a jpeg image to the site, choose how many pieces you want, what shape you want the pieces to be and Jigsaw Planet does the rest. (How to use Jig Planet in the classroom)